Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Zumba...day two

I made it thru my second Zumba class, tonight. I had a harder time following along this time, but I still got a sweet workout. I can make it to 20 more workout classes before all the party-ness in July. Hopefully, that will make it possible for me to look good in one of my summer dresses. Cross your fingers!


Monday, June 21, 2010


OK, so I flopped at the 100 days goal I had. Now I am working on making it to the gym at least 4 days a week. I am focusing on Zumba right now, I have the opportunity to make it to 5 Zumba classes a week. I went to the first one tonight, it was way fun and I actually survived! I looked like an idiot most of the time, but I was just Happy I didn't die. I was able to keep up, and since I remembered to use my inhaler before we started (for once) I managed to keep breathing the whole time and i'm not coughing up a lung now. Yay!

I am not really dieting, but I am taking my Alli pills and am not eating out. Hopefully I will be able to look cute in one of my awesome summer dresses for my birthday! Wish me luck!

Ok, that's all I have to say tonight!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

100 Days

Hey there!

So I meant to blog this on Sunday but....didn't. I started a 100 day countdown to weight loss. It started on Sunday January 31st and goes through Monday May 10th. This is the amount of days I have left to lose the 60 pounds I promised myself I would lose. I technically started dieting about 2 weeks ago but wasn't really counting down yet. So I thought 100 days was the perfect number.

I have been doing great at sticking to my diet and also finished the cleanse I was doing. I don't think the cleanse did anything but make me a few dollars poorer. In fact I think it actually caused me to lose less weight then I would have without it. Usually when I go on the weight watchers plan I lose 7-9 pounds in just the first week. This time it's been over two weeks and i've been fluctuating between losing 5-6 pounds and gaining it back. Lame!!!!!

I started Alli today. I was going to wait until this weekend to start because I was afraid of the side effects. But, after the horrid weekend I had I couldn't postpone any longer.

This weekend was less then spectacular for me. I went to my parents house on Saturday so my dad could look at my car. While I was there I found an oh so flattering (sarcasm) picture that my sister had sent. It was a picture of me, my dad, my sister and her husband. Guess who was twice the size of everyone else...ME! And I looked like crap as well. Well, don't be surprised if that picture has gone missing. It's possible I destroyed it. I had been doing so good on my diet that luckily my confidence was pretty high that day so I wasn't too affected by the pic. However, on Sunday my world came crashing down. I felt great when I woke up. I put together my shopping list and got an early start to the grocery store. I managed to get everything that I needed and didn't struggle with any temptations. When I went to check out the clerk started to make small talk. She was really strange. Asked me how I was doing and then asked how my family was? Then she went on to ask me if I was expecting a baby!!!! I was able to stay sane and politely tell her "no", that I was just fat. She of course was embarrassed and apologized but couldn't seem to allow the subject to just die. Instead she tried to relate to me and explained that she new how hard it was to lose a belly after having children as she had, had three. I told her I had never been pregnant but accepted her apology in hopes that she would drop the subject. Nope! She kept going and going and going while I stood in shame in front of all of the other shoppers waiting to be checked out.

I really was fine with the mistake when it happened. It's not the first time i've been asked and it certainly won't be the last. Unfortunately as I left the store and drove home the clerks words started to bore their way into my confidence. It was no longer about a stupid clerk that said something without thinking but about it. It was now about me and my life long battle with being shaped like a Dr. Seuss character rather then a human woman. Even when I am thin I look wrong. I have skinny arms and legs, no hips, no butt and big beer belly. All I need is a little hair on my gut and I could pass for a man.

Well needless to say by the time I got home I was in shambles. I texted a ton of people hoping to laugh off the pain but it didn't work. My Sunday was ruined. To distract myself I decided to clean the fridge out. I found a half empty bottle of wine and thought, that was as good a time as any to finish it off. No need to dirty a glass I could just drink from the bottle. I did this while I had a good self-pity cry. I luckily managed to pull myself together before I drank the whole bottle. I put the wine away and calculated the points so I could still say I was going strong on my diet.

My bad mood followed me into Monday and my poor teammates had to put up with a less than friendly Amy. Finally today I felt a little better and am more hopeful. I can honestly say that even with the wine I did not stray from my diet. I have stayed within my daily point range and not gone one point over. I am hoping that with the cleanse being over and my starting Alli today I will start dropping weight and feeling better about myself. I am really hoping I will be able to fit into my pants more comfortably, sooner than later.

So today is actually day 3 of 100. Cross your fingers and wish me luck because when this 100 days is up i'll be in Sunny San Diego and hopefully feeling good in a swimsuit.

I am going to take pictures and put them on my blog entries to track my progress. Here is the first horrid one, taken today 2/2/2010.

Day 3 of 100

Bert thinks he's people

I turned my inbox into a.......
Valentines Box!!!!! Somebody better give me a stinkin' Valentine!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack!

Hi All!

Surprise! I'm blogging again. Hope everyone is well. My life is the same, work and what not. I have vowed to be swimsuit ready for Summer 2010. I've started Weight Watchers again and am being a point Nazi. I also am doing a 14 day cleanse right now and when that is done I am going to try taking Alli along with my WW diet. I have a closet full of pretty summer dresses that I really want to wear with pride. Also, since I refuse to buy bigger clothes I only have two or three pair of pants that fit right now. That is ridiculous!

I've been really good on my diet this week. It's showing on the scale. I'm not "officially" weighing in until Sunday but so far I've lost about 4 lbs. I also bought a bike trainer so I could make one of my bikes into an indoor stationary bike. It is actually pretty fun to ride at night, and I've done it enough now to make my ass stop bruising from the skinny seat. I also have been practicing my hula hoop. I can't get it to keep going for very long but i'm getting better and I can really feel my abs burn when I do it.

On a totally separate note....

I set up my friend Melissa with my friend Josh. Tonight was their first date. I had to go to make sure that got along alright, so I joined them for dinner at Poplar Street Pub downtown. After dinner they seemed to be ok to get along without me so I was excused from the rest of their date. I believe they were headed out dancing after that. Hope everything goes well. Bravo to both of them for being willing to meet someone new and put them selves out there. I wouldn't do it myself, but that's probably why I will be single forever and die alone. I guess it's a trade off!

Also, I opened an Etsy store http://www.miloyawns.etsy.com/. There isn't much on there yet but I have big ideas, so check it out frequently. I'm waiting to get my sewing machine and serger fixed and also for my dad to help me out with some soldering.
I really want to go on a tropical vacation in 2010. I've never been anywhere tropical and I haven't been on a proper vacation in 2 years. So, if there is anyone out there that wants to do a tropical vaca this Summer with yours truly. Let me know and we can start planning.
Ok, I will sign off with some pics of Bert out cold. Night!
Dead Dog-Camera 1
Dead Dog-Camera 2

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween and Wedding Dresses.

Hello Hello!

Sorry it's been so long, to anyone who's still checking in. It's less than a week 'til Halloween. I had a Halloween dinner at my house on Friday for the family. It was fun, almost everyone came in costume. It made me so proud. I made Mummy Calzones for dinner which turned out awesome looking, and tasty too. Marianne made some Shrunken head cider which was both delicious and ghoulish. I will be doing it again next year for sure. Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter can belong to other family members but I claim Halloween as my holiday.

Also,for no reason at all I have been looking at wedding dresses. I don't anticipate needing one anytime soon or maybe even ever but it's sure fun to pretend. Especially since when you're just pretending you don't have to worry about cost. I've attached a picture of the dress I picked out and some possible shoe options.

I think that's it for now. I'll try to write again soon.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More pictures

Here are some pictures of Bert (as Usual) My arts and crafts project at work and my couch, in no particular order. I'm off to Kickball practice now. Later!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Hi All!
I bought a new couch. It's pretty! It's on back order so I don't know when I'll get it. I'll be moving my current sofa into the office since it has a bed in it.

So I have a crazy neighbor and she has a lonely son. I can never decide if the neighbor just sleeps all day or if she is high when I talk to her. It seems like every time I talk to her she is half awake. Anyway her son is always really bored and lonely. He's always been scared of me though. He would always stand at my fence and stare in at me and my house but he would always run away and not speak to me when I was outside. I could have lived without the staring but as long as he didn't bother me I was fine. However! He has decided that he is no longer afraid of me. This is a problem because now he always wants to hang out with me and talk to me. It's not fun. He is six and has six year old conversation skills. I am not looking for new friends, especially six year old creepy neighbor kids. Plus, now he and his mother seem to think I want to come over for dinner all the time. I don't! I have figured out that I can tell them I am dieting and they don't put up as much of a fight when I say "no thank you". The kid reminds me of the Rick Moranis character from Ghost Busters. You know the one that stands by his door and listens for Sigorny Weaver to come into the hallway so he can talk to her. This kid is always standing at my fence peeking in when I am at home, just waiting for me to come out. And, when I am come home from work he is standing outside his fence waiting for me to come home, and he follows me when I get home. I feel bad for him, I think he is the only kid in the building. But I think his mom should enroll him in boys and girls club or something. I am trying to think of different ways to get to my door to avoid them both.

I have been swimming alot this summer. I always said I wanted a place with a pool but secretly worried that I would never use it. That's not a problem here. There is always someone that wants to go swimming and I am more than willing to accommodate. I usually swim 3-4 times a week. I love it! But I would expect to be more tan by now? I also have had the chance to see more movies than usual. That's nice, I am always disappointed when I don't get to see the movies I want to on the big screen. I have my first Kickball Game at Liberty Park this weekend if anyone wants to come check it out. It's on Thursday at 6:00 or 7:00, I'm not sure of the time yet. Liz will be taking pictures. If there are any that aren't too awful I will post them. Don't hold your breath.
My new couch.
My very well behaved kids
Bert in his favorite position. I call it the Superman